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What must not be forgotten part 2

In response to my husband, desireneverends  I wish to boldly state:

I have had a sexual relationship with my father. No, I was not coerced, No, I was not abused although the institution that they put me in when my grandparents found out that I thought it was ok tried to convince me of it and almost permanently ruined my relationship with my father. Is this the norm in everyday society? No, it's not. Am I in anyway harmed by it? No I am not, except by those who misunderstood, acted rashly and didn't listen to me when I was a kid.

In fact my Husband and I enjoy a Daddy/girl relationship, completely above board RP carried over sometimes into real life. (and boy, am I a bratty teen *wink*)

Do I write child fiction? Yes. DO I read it, Yes. Do I expect everyone to think that I am nasty? a matter of fact. I am pleasantly surprised when they don't. Will I ever look to do anything with a child other than be kind and nurturing? NO WAY! Children are sacred. I would never, ever act on my thoughts and feelings. Yes, my father did and I am glad for it, but who really knows anymore? I know I was OK with it...However I am not in any child's mind and cannot be sure of their feelings. If I were to be on the receiving end of seduction by a teenager would I act? Fuck no. So there you have it, words from a female childlover who has also lived the life herself.
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