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WTF is this ad?!

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Seriously... "ChildSafe Advocate"? Aren't these the same people that STARTED all the trouble? (damn, I forgot to copy the link)

It's like they're trying to force me to endorse these people... Now don't say "well don't put ads on your page then!" Because I don't mind the ads. Sometimes I even go to their page if they seem interesting enough. But I think I should have the right to go 'oh FUCK no!' and take it off my page. Now don't give me wrong, I love kids, health AND the environment too. But I'm not from a group of people who goes around trying to block the internet from EVERYBODY because I'm too lazy to watch where my kids go on the net. Because it takes SOOOOO much less effort to pester sites to make themselves "child safe" than it is to limit my preverbal child's time to an hour on the compie a day, with me sitting nearby. Hell, maybe I can read a book or catch up on some sewing while I'm sitting there. You know, instead of spending HOURS and MONTHS patroling the net for offensive material that my child will eventually see someday. Gees...

/end rant
/end flist murder

tl;dr version: Are these ads from the same people that caused banfest?
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