Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in whydoesljcensor,
Blackjack Gabbiani

Why I'm Not Going Anywhere

So a bunch of us are planning on leaving, or on boycotting LJ on Friday. Good for you. But I plan on continuing as normal. Why?

I consider it like this--I'm an American. I love my country. But I hate my government. Does that mean I'm going to leave for another country? Of course not--I'm going to stay right here and try to change things.

It's the same with LJ. I love it. I hate the people running it. But I know what it was and what it can be again. Thereby I'm not going to leave. Everyone I know is here--my friends, my stories, my communities. I'm not about to throw that all away because of a few policy changes.

And about the strike, I have a paid account that I got way before this happened (of course). I don't see the ads that everyone seems to think LJ depends on. And I paid for all this time, I'm not going to be bullied out of time I spent money on.

You know the gasoline strikes people try every year? Sure, they may cause a slight downturn of gas sales on May 15th or whenever they have it, but May 16th they shoot right back up. And that's what'll happen here--people will go the 21st without, but on the 22nd they'll come back in droves, thereby putting us right back where we started.

Wouldn't that day be better spent doing something that'll have a real impact on SUP? I propose, instead of a boycott, we spend that day flooding them with calls and emails (we will, however, need their contact info. I asked for it a few days ago and no one replied), and posting relevant content. Take them from the inside rather than sitting back with our screens off going "Yeah, that'll teach 'em".

We need to be loud rather than quiet. No one listens to quiet people; they get ignored. People do however listen to those who speak up. And we need to make sure we're not going to be ignored.
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