Serena (magyarok_saman) wrote in whydoesljcensor,

My thoughts on the latest by SixApart

What I'm going to say is not going to make a lot of people happy, but someone has to look at this from an emotionless perspective, so I am giving it a try.

SixApart is a business. I think this is something we can all agree on. Being a business, SixApart is free to decide just how their services will be used (in this case, their LiveJournal service).

Obviously, they are going through an unseen scism at this point, while one faction battles for free speech while the other battles for the idea of "public decency". The scism is not what we are seeing on lj_biz and elsewhere, but is occurring amongst their very own management.

In the meantime, those of us who utilize their LiveJournal service are being caught in the crossfire, while they decide what they will support, and what they will not support any longer.

The hard and fast truth is that SixApart has the right, as a business, to do exactly what they are doing. That excludes any judgmental factors, such as whether they are sensitive to the users' needs and desires.

SixApart also has the right to provide absolutely and completely shoddy customer service, which they are obviously doing. Face it folks - no matter HOW many times you ask, cajole, insist, or demand they communicate better with the user base, it is very obvious that SixApart is not interested in communicating better with the user base. Stop asking them. They've shown through action/inaction that they don't intend to comply.

You (general) can spend the next 150 years speculating on why SixApart is making the choices it is, but frankly, that will not change present or past facts in the matter.

The one, and only one thing you can rest assured of, is that questionable content (and we're including things that are constitutionally protected) stands an excellent chance of getting you deleted.

You (general) have one choice and one choice only:

A. Stay here and make the best of it and/or try to pretend nothing has changed, or
B. Go somewhere else.

I, for one, am working on a "somewhere else" that will be open to anyone who cares to follow me. Work is proceeding, slowly but surely, on the newly-leased server.
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